Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Snow, but not much

Posted by Kirk
There’s something about falling snow that makes me contemplative, makes me slow down. It seems every time I write a post to this log is when it is snowing outside. Funny, it was almost exactly a month ago when I wrote anything here. Unfortunately that means I have written very little this year. The snow refuses to fall in any substantial quantity. Iowa gets buried, 20 people die from the cold in Illinois, I find green plants under the leaves in Minnesota! This is twisted and demented. I want to strap on snowshoes and romp through the woods. I want to take groups through the woods on snowshoes so I can make a little money as well!

It really is beautiful outside, with the snow falling and outlining all the trees limbs in white. This solstice we didn’t have much for snow cover. The world was not quieted and slowed down. That's part of winter. Curling up with a book and watching fat falling flakes. I now find myself torn. I want snow for my programs but really want a clear sky Sunday night as I’m teaching an astronomy program. Ya can't have it both ways.

Or can I?