Friday, October 20, 2006


Posted by Kirk
I sent my work MacBook in for repairs on Tueday and Today, Friday it is already back from Apple. That was a really fast turn around. They replaced the heat sink as the computer had RSS-Random Shutdown Syndrome. I wasn't impressed with DHL who has farmed out their call center to another country. The first person I spoke to barely spoke English. They asked how late a person could pick the package up and I said 4:00. That was Friday. When no one came I called on Monday and got a different person who barely spoke english. She kept saying " I show attempted."

When I asked her when it was attempted said, "8:45 P.M." When asked why they would attempt to pick up a package at 8:45 pm when I told them we were a business that closes by 4:00 she didn't have any answer apart from, "We show attempted."

Not impressed.

When I tried to schedule another pick-up I was told it was too late for Monday and they would send someone on Tuesday.

My computer had thus been sitting in a box waiting to be picked up by DHL for five days before someone actually came to pick it up.

Yeah, Apple. Boo DHL.