Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Click-Hold contextual Menus in Firefox 2.0

Posted by Kirk
Here's a little geek trick for all my Macintosh buddies. I just downloaded Firefox 2.0 (my browser of choice) and I was frustrated beyond belief that I could no longer click and hold on a hyperlink to make the menu pop up where I select "Open link in new Tab."

I have to hold down the control key when I click. I know most PC users can use a right click (or is it left?) for this but most Mac users do not have a multiple key mouse so this new "feature" drove me crazy.

Here's the solution.

Type the following into your browser address field:

A large list of variables will appear. Scroll down to ui.click_hold_context_menus

By default it will say this variable is set to false. Click on the word false to change it to true and now your beautful hold click contextual menus are back where they belong.

Geek on.



paulruh said...

I was about to revert to the previous version of Firefox. I can't believe they got rid of that function as a default, and made it so user-unfriendly to get it back. Thanks for figuring this out!