Friday, March 16, 2007

Edwards Campaign Goes Carbon-Neutral

Posted by Kirk
First John Edwards declines to debate in the Faux debate (see previous post) and now he announces his campaign is going carbon neutral. Part of the letter he sent out reads, I have also directed the campaign to purchase carbon offsets that support alternative energy production to neutralize the global warming impact from our travel and office energy use.
I find this so interesting. Where was Al Gore with an idea like this back when he won? I might have voted for him at the time had he shown any spine when it came to the environment.

Is Edwards really that progressive or just trying to lure me in with a hot topic like global warming?



katie_red said...

He's just trying to distract you from his horribly ill wife, with whom he should be spending all of his time, rather than continuing a futile bid for the white house in what could be her final days.

Kirk Mona said...

Yum, I applaud your cynicism. I think though that everything I have read said that even though her cancer is not curable it is treatable and she should live quite a while. I'm guessing she supports his campaign and would feel horrible if he gave up his dream because of her.