Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sticky Spawn

Posted by Kirk
I love the new Mac OS but it isn't perfect. Case in point. The dashboard based sticky notes. Sticky notes were really nice in OS 9 and the Mac team made them pretty much useless in OS X. If you want a new note you have to open your widget manager and load a new copy of the widget for every stupid sticky you want. Couldn't apple make a widget with multiple windows? Maybe not. It could be an inherent limitation in the dashboard architecture. Anyhow, the least they could have done is put a little (new note) button in the corner of each note that spawns a new copy of the widget.

Well, this widget called Sticky Spawn does almost that. It puts a mini sticky note on your dashboard. When you click it you get a new full size sticky note.

Nice easy solution. Now if only Apple had been smart enough to include a "trash me" button on each note. Do we have to think of everything?