Monday, January 21, 2008

A Brief Pause for Mammals

Posted by Kirk

I'm stepping away from posting about birds for a moment so I can present to you, The Fox Squirrel.

I hadn't seen one of these guys for a while until one showed up today at work. Fox squirrels are much more solitary than their gray squirrel cousins. There can be 16 gray squirrels under the feeders at once but only one fox squirrel ever shows up. Given their size, they are bigger than gray squirrels, you would think they are bruisers but they are pretty shy and retreat from conflict.

They are called fox squirrels because their fur has a rusty red wash to it similar to a fox. You can really see it on the face of this one but it is most noticeable on their belly. It isn't at all white like a gray squirrel's would be.