Thursday, February 21, 2008

Barred Owl and a Brown Creeper

Posted by Kirk
Now that I'm at 30 birds for the year I'll probably have to wait until March to see new bird species. In the mean time. Here's some fun photos.

March 18th the barred owl once again showed up at the building right outside the classroom windows. We saw it almost pull a red squirrel off a tree trunk. The owl hung around about four hours so there were plenty of opportunities to get photos. Here's two.
Check out that camouflage!

Speaking of camouflage. Check out this small brown creeper. They have this fantastic camouflage that makes them very hard to see while they cling to a tree trunk like a nuthatch.
Right as I took this shot of the creeper, a downy woodpecker came in for a landing. Click for the full size image.

This third one is probably my favorite shot. The brown creeper was spooked and flew off when a downy woodpecker came to feed next to it. What a lucky shot!