Thursday, April 24, 2008

NSA Hard at Work

Posted by Kirk
Here's a screen shot from my traffic statistics program that tracks who visits my blog. Looks like someone at the NSA was reading my blog yesterday. First off, what does my blog have to do with National Security? The person landed on my page by googling the word "cephelopod." I'm proud to say my page comes up a respectable 9th on google. Still though, what do cephelopods have to do with national security? I can only assume someone was bored and surfing the web at work. Don't you think if you worked for the biggest electronic spying agency in the world you would be a little more careful with how you use your time on your computer? I mean come on, if I can tell this person is screwing around at work don't you think his or her bosses can figure it out to? Such is the quality of our national security I guess. Good to know the government is keeping tabs on cephelopod fossils and not wasting time keeping us safe. So, to user with IP address in the MD Procurement Department thank for for visiting my site. You might want to consider doing it from home.