Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Migration Begins

Posted by Kirk
It has been a long while since I posted about birds. I have three birds to add to my yearly list. Two of them are just late additions. I saw a belted kingfisher on the same river trip where I saw the spotted sandpiper that put me at 200 life birds. Since that time, at the beginning of the summer, birding as been slow. The great fall migration has begun though. While working the state fair I saw a flock of blackbirds, they could have been either brewers blackbirds or rusty blackbirds. They were too far away to tell. On my way to work this morning I saw a flock of Red-necked Grebes. They took me a while to ID as they were in their non-breeding plumage already. They were in this small pond near work.

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It is usually a pretty good place to spot water birds.

2008 Running Bird Tally

127 Belted Kingfisher
128 Spotted Sandpiper
129 Red-necked Grebe