Friday, February 27, 2009

Saber Tooth Cat once in Minnesota

Posted by Kirk
Scientists now have proof that saber tooth cats Smilodon fatalis once roamed Minnesota because of a skull found in John Ackerman's Karst Perserve in southern Minnesota. I've taken kids caving in one of the Karst Preserve caves, Spring Valley Caverns I. This skull was found in a different cave called Tyson Spring Cave. The skull was found in June 2008 and more bones were discovered in 2009. Previous to this find, it was thought that saber tooth cats only came as far north as Arkansas. An antler of a Stag Moose Cervalces scotti was also found in the cave, a relic of the last ice age. This too was a first for Minnesota. I love exploring caves and hope to get back into caves again some time soon.

You can read the whole story online for more details.

I'm leaving the state soon on a trip so hopefully I will have some new bird photos and stories to post over the next week. Paul and I will be working on the first pilot episode of the podcast when I return.