Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Posted by Kirk
Signs of spring are coming on fast now. I've seen northern flickers everywhere, myrtle warblers are slowly showing up in small numbers. Bluebirds are already incubating eggs. I love all of these sights but one of my favorite signs of spring are all of the muskrats. Every little pond I drive by seems to have a happy little muskrat chewing away. I took a short hike the other day and couldn't resist taking a few photos.

Just an update on the podcast as well, we're getting together next week now to try to put together the pilot episode. Our schedules have been a little difficult to manage.



Unknown said...

Perfect time of the year to read Paul Errington's classic, Muskrats and Marsh Management. I know the title sounds droll but he was an excellent writer and one of the top North American naturalists of the 20th century. Not unlike Aldo Leopold's writings, Errington's writings went beyond science and ethics as he wrote about the intrinsic values of marshes.

Two other excellent Errington books I relish are Of Men and Marshes and Of Predation and Life.
Thanks for the podcast.
Tom Anderson