Monday, April 13, 2009

The Podcast is Coming...i promise.

Posted by Kirk
I've been slow in blog posts lately as I work on getting the podcast up and running. We had a scheduling setback and had to reschedule the pilot episode. In the mean time. TURKEYS!

Turkeys have been strutting their stuff lately and I brought my camera into work last week to catch the early morning show. A male turkey was spending the early hours of the day strutting near the building. I'm guessing he figured the close proximity to water and the bird feeders was a good location. Most of the action seemed to be about a quarter mile away in a corn field though. One morning he did have two females in the area but they were doing their best to look uninterested as he puffed himself up and fanned his tail. I didn't get a good shot of the tail fanned out as he was between me and the female and always kept the tail displayed directly in her direction.

Notice how his wing feathers drag on the ground? Check out the interesting pattern made on the ground as he struts back and forth.

In keeping with the turkey theme, later that day I went out into the prairie and a Turkey Vulture flew overhead allowing me some nice shots.

Thanks for reading the blog and hopefully the podcast pilot episode will be with you shortly.