Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Recycled Boats

Posted by Kirk
Earlier this month I posted about the Plastiki. They've now launched a new website about the expedition. At first I was a little dismayed that the flash-based site took so long to load and then I discovered why. This is a seriously flash intensive website and it is impressive. I have yet to fully dig through all the info on the site. This is probably a look at the future of what a lot of websites will look like and I applaud their effort.

I know from my wife being a web designer that one of the challenges in having a heavily image and flash based site is that the search engines have a really difficult time figuring out what the site is all about and it can hurt your rankings and the cataloging of the site. I hope some smart people are working on improving that because websites like this are gorgeous and I hope to see more of them.

On a closer to home note, if you're interested in building boats out of reused plastic bottles why not check out the Twin Cities' very own recycled boat race, the Aquatennial Milk Carton Race was held last Sunday. Here's a video from back in 2007. The milk cartons may be reused but the clip of them feeding a boat into a garbage truck at the end shows that this race is more about making boats out of milk cartons than being environmentally responsible.

For a sweet view of why being a naturalist in the twin cities is so awesome check out this 365 degree panoramic image of the milk carton race held at Lake Calhoun. How many major cities have beautiful kettle lakes like this within the city limits?