Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Free Climate Talk Tonight with Steger & McKibben!

Posted by Kirk
Climate change shouldn't be something we need to convince people about anymore. The science behind it is well understood and documented. While films like An inconvenient Truth have raised awareness of the issue recently, I think of a different film when it comes to climate change.

In sixth grade my science teacher showed us the Bell Laboratory Science Series films. I use the word "film" deliberately because I grew up before the days of a DVD player or even a VCR in every classroom. We watched our films on an old green 16mm projector. One of my favorites was Unchained Goddess. It was made in 1958. Let me stress that that was FIFTY ONE YEARS AGO.

I didn't see this film until about 1988, thirty years after it was made. Here we are fifty years after it was made and people are still dragging their feet on global warming.

Tonight is a free public forum with Bill McKibben and Will Steger at the beautiful Leo Fick Auditorium at Edina High School. The forum is titled, "Our Clean Energy Future." It begins at 7:30 and should be quite interesting as they discuss the global movement to develop a meaningful Global Climate Agreement at the Copenhagen Climate Summit in December 2009.

I wish I could go. I watched the film "Unchained Goddess" and learned about global warming just a mile and a half down the road at Countryside Elementary. Fitting since the science is elementary. Making people care doesn't seem so easy.