Friday, September 4, 2009

Recycling Food

Posted by Kirk
Whenever I travel to other states I am shocked by the lack of recycling. I take for granted that blue bin out behind my house. Many weeks I have more recycling than trash. It is jarring for me when I visit relatives out west where everything (plastic and all) goes into the burn barrel. Out of sight out of mind I guess but all that pollution blows east to Minnesota. There is a great story on Minnesota Public Radio's NewsQ about the next step in recycling, curbside food waste pick-up. Duluth has a program but apparently the Twin Cities are still looking at the logistics of such an operation. I'm all for it. Food waste, including paper towels and pizza boxes, makes up a large part of the waste stream. I have a small compost pile but properly maintaining a home compost pile with sufficient heat, mass and oxygen to create a good end product actually takes work. You can't just throw in all in a pile and let it rot. My pile is mostly a rot pile right now. Even if it did work properly, what am I going to do with 50+ gallons of compost every year? Curbside compost pick-up would be far superior. I currently take my yard waste to the Ramsey County Yard Waste Site to be composted but they probably wouldn't appreciate a pizza box in with my petunia clippings.

I'm happy our cities are setting an example to look into these ideas, I just wish the rest of the county would do something as simple as recycling aluminum cans.



Unknown said...

I've been envying my relatives in Berkeley for their routine curbside pickup of both food and garden waste. I hadn't heard that Duluth now has kitchen waste recycling, but that's a good sign.