Saturday, October 31, 2009

Twin Cities Naturalist Podcast: October 2009

Posted by Kirk
Here's the October episode of the Twin Cities Naturalist Podcast. We recorded on Halloween and demons seemed to be possessing Paul's microphone. You can hear it start to drop out and by the end of the episode it died completely. Time to upgrade.

We hope you enjoy this episode.

Last Month's Trivia Answer:
Two people answered last month's trivia answer correctly. The winners were Jamie McBride and Mary Beth Pottratz. The only endemic plant species in the state of Minnesota is the Dwarf Trout Lily. Great job with your answers.

Calendar of Events
These are the events listed on the podcast. If you would like your natural history based event advertised on the Podcast or Blog you can send an email with details to kirkmona (at)
Minnesota Naturalists' Association Fall Conference: People and the Prairie will be held November 6-8

The November podcast will come up quickly as we'll be recording at the Minnesota Naturalists' Association annual fall conference in southern Minnesota.

~Kirk & Paul


Unknown said...

Trivia Answer: Minnehaha Falls, now Minneapolis Parks. I was once a naturalist there!

Kirk said...

Woo hoo! You're right!