Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another Triceratops

Posted by Kirk
I couldn't resist last night at the grocery store. In the little section with cheap toys I saw a box of dinosaurs on the bottom shelf. Damn you Ja-Ru! I dug though the box and sure enough there was a lone Triceratops. I have a little herd of triceratops on my desk and I didn't have this one. It is similar in size to the other "museum lines" that other companies make. It is about 40:1 scale. The price was right so I bought myself an early birthday gift. Behold the fierce Beast!

Note: Don't anyone go buying me triceratops stuff. I only have a few and they are all ones I have found on my own. I don't want this to become a thing where everyone thinks I am obsessed with these things and buys me a ton of them.

Here's the current herd. Interesting color choices.

For those interested in such things, the manufacturers are (from left to right) Ja-Ru, Schleich (Replica Saurus "Musuem Line") , Wild Safari, Schleich (Play World Dinosaur Series) and Ja-Ru (Explore Planet Earth Series)

If you are into toy dinosaurs, why not check out The Dinosaur Toy Blog. The Dinosaur Collector Site is also a great reference for historic and modern dinosaur toys.