Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Posted by Kirk
Horde food!

Stock up on candles!

Buy Extra Kitty Litter!

It might snow!

Okay so people aren't panicking too much yet but I have heard people are mentioning "snowmageddon" simply because the forecast calls for 8 inches of snow. Really?

This is winter. Put on a scarf and enjoy the ride. Here's the latest graphical forecast for the Twin Cities area.



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Unknown said...

The forecasts I've seen have used numbers significantly higher than 8", much of it on one of the busiest travel days of the year when it would cause people real disappointment to get stuck or seriously delayed. That warrants at least a little hoopla, I think. :-)

WCCO's current Twin Cities forecast predicts about 4" tonight, 5-6" tomorrow, 4-5" tomorrow night, and 3-4" on Friday... that's 15-18".

And, hey, weather that you can't help noticing is inherently exciting. After a San Francisco upbringing where it snowed about twice, we rarely got thunderstorms (though we did get plenty of heavy rains, in between droughts), and typical year-long temperature extremes were only about 40 degrees apart, I find "real" weather seriously interesting, even after 27 years in the Midwest. Merry snowmas!

Unknown said...

Oops, that's 16-19", not 15-18". Hasty mental math...