Thursday, January 28, 2010

Endangered Species condoms

Posted by Kirk
Yes you read that right. Endangered Species Condoms. In a brilliant marketing move. The Center for Biological Diversity has initiated a campaign of condom distribution to increase awareness of the link between overpopulation and endangered species. The condom packages will have images of six different endangered species that don't have the ability to increase their population will-nilly because of the growing pressure of the human population. Three species mentioned are the spotted owl, polar bear and the Puerto Rico rock frog. Unfortunately I can't locate a lot of information about the campaign online or even a photo of these condoms. This may be because they are still looking for people to distribute them and have not kicked off the full PR campaign yet.

If you would like to help distribute condoms to help educate people about the connection between global population and endangered species there is still time to sign up. 900 people have signed up so far and they are looking for 300 more. YOU MUST SIGN UP BY FEBRUARY 1st.

Go ahead and do your part. Have fun and save some species. There's too many hairy apes running around this planet anyhow.