Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Leonid Audio Recordings

Posted by Kirk
This is part two of my posts about audio captured during the 2010 Leonid Meteor Shower. If you have not read part one, I recommend reading that first as it gives insight into what on earth these noises are. Wednesday afternoon, I listened to Space Weather Radio again while cleaning the house. I had my ears open and I captured a few more meteors. I only listened and recorded for about 30 minutes. There were three clustered up a bit at 1:28, 1:33 and 1:36 CST and then nothing for quite a while. Here are four interesting sounds I captured.

Date: November 17
Time: 1:28 pm CST
Description:This was the first meteor and it showed up just a few minutes into recording. In my notes I described it as a cute little ping. Certainly nothing big.

Date: November 17
Time: 1:33 pm CST
Description: This one is pretty interesting. There is a small ping followed by an increase in reflection of the ringing tone. This is likely the signal bouncing off the trail the meteor made. At the end there is a second ping which makes me wonder if the meteor flashed/exploded at the end.

Date: November 17
Time: 1:36 pm CST
Description: This was just one minute after the previous one. It is a nice ping. This was the largest meteor I heard in that 30 minute block.

Date: November 17
Time: 2:05 pm CST
Description: This isn't a meteor. I'm hoping someone with more knowledge than me can clue me in to what is going on here. What you hear is the drone of the 216.98 Mhz signal broadcast by the Air Force as part of the Space Fence. A short time in, the signal starts to modulate and develops a choppy rhythm that increases in frequency and then decreases. It actually reminds me of the interference my cheap phone charger used to cause on my AM radio in my car. It was weirdly related to the rpm of the engine. Is this interference from a plane? I can't find any examples online that explain all the different sounds you hear on Space Weather Radio. A guide to what is a plane, what do different satellites sound like, what do different meteors sound like, etc. would be very helpful.

Hope you enjoy these clips.