Monday, December 6, 2010

Coyotes are Afraid of Flash

Posted by Kirk
it looks like my theory on the flash scaring away the coyotes has been confirmed. I set the camera to take multiple shots in a row. Here are the coyotes feeding on the deer at 5:36 pm. The second photo is also at 5:36 pm, taken just moments after the first.

The coyotes completely cleared out. They did come back though later in the night. they showed up again at 11:02 pm. This time all three in the pack are visible. Click on the image to enlarge it to see more detail.

Once again, the second shot a few seconds after the first shows no sign of the coyotes. The fact that they came back twice in one night though may indicate they are getting used to the flash. It will be curious to see what happens over the next few weeks.