Sunday, January 9, 2011

Coyotes Uncover Deer in the Snow

Posted by Kirk
We went on a hike this past week to the site where I had the trail cam up last month to check on things. We'd gotten a lot of snow and the coyotes stayed away for a while. Seem they remembered the deer was there though as when we went out to check on things earlier this week the coyotes had clearly been busy. They'd completely dug up what was left of the deer. Those are coyote tracks coming though the prairie to the deer.

You can see the fallen tree in the background which is where the camera's used to be attached.

At the site, there were clearly coyote tracks.

There was evidence of birds as well. My shadow is pointing at wing marks on the snow.

We've retired this site for a little while but we have a new road killed deer in a second location with both cameras on it. Hopefully I'll have some new photos soon. I'm hoping for some daytime video of the coyotes.