Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Monday" Phenology: May 30, 2011

Posted by Kirk
It turns out the Monday phenology report is a bit like the US Postal Service or the recycling. I didn't post yesterday. I was busy enjoying the sublime weather and soaking up the sunshine which lasted from 5:31 am until 8:50 pm. Hopefully a more detailed report will follow next week.

Here's some skimpy highlights from last week:

Wednesday saw the first dragonfly emergence. We spotted dot-tailed Whiteface and Springtime Darner dragonflies around lakes and ponds. We caught a male Hooded Warbler in the mist nests while bird banding. This species won't be in the "safe dates" for a breeding bird until June 1st though. Will it stick around?

Thursday, we had cool but sunny weather. Four-spotted skimmer dragonflies emerged this day. Migrant warblers seem to be mostly gone. All I'm seeing in the trees are local American Redstarts, Chestnut-sided warblers and Common Yellowthroats.

Friday I noticed the first Jack in the Pulpit blooming in the woods (come back tomorrow for the photo) as well as flowers on the blueberry bushes. Pitcher Plant flowers are about three inches high but not blooming yet.

Saturday and Sunday our weekend dance of severe weather continued. We seem to be stuck in a 7 day cycle. These cycles aren't particularly unusual but they sure do know how to ruin a weekend. All in all I think we escaped okay.

Monday I worked in the garden all day and was delighted when the first of the year Monarch Butterfly flew through the yard venturing north. The first samara (those helicopter seeds) from Silver Maple were starting to fall of the trees around the neighborhood.

What to expect this week:

Maple trees are heavily loaded with samara and will drop them by the bucket full all this week. Dragonflies will continue to emerge from lakes and ponds and the skies should be thick with them this week. Many dragonflies are highly seasonally specific and we see different ones at different times in the summer. Get out and ID them while you can.