Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Phenology: June 27, 2011

Posted by Kirk
This week is a little truncated what with last week's Solstice edition. Sun lovers beware, we've lost 78 seconds of daylight since the solstice on Tuesday. The sun rose at 5:28 am and set at 9:04 pm giving us 15 hours, 35 minutes and 44 seconds of sunlight.

Last weeks sightings:

I took a hike though the bog and noticed the cranberries are blooming as are the Rose Pogonia Orchids. Catalpa trees along the drive to work were just starting to open their beautiful white flowers. There was heavy rain on and off all day.
Thursday was another gray day. The high temperature didn't get above 60. When I saw our bird banders in the morning I joked that they should go out and catch me a hooded warbler. Sure enough, they came back with a beautiful male hooded warbler. This is the second one we've banded all year. I'll post photos later this week.

Friday I took photos of the blooming Pink Lady slipper orchids. This is the Minnesota State Flower. They actually opened around Monday but are still in bloom. I also had the pleasure of watching a Scarlet Tanager take a bath in the artificial stream under our bird feeders. I would have taken photos or video but it was the one day of the week I didn't bring my camera. Go figure.

The week ahead:
Many flowers will go away this week. Catalpa trees will drop their flowers as will the few last peonies. If skies clear it will be a good week to familiarize yourself with the summer constellations. The ring nebula is visible now though a good backyard telescope. It is in the summer constellation Lyra but you'll need a chart to find this small dim object. It is the remains of a partially exploded star that shed outer layers of gas about 1,600 years ago. Hydrangea should come into full bloom this week.