Friday, September 23, 2011

Monarch Tagging

Posted by Kirk

There's a lot happening outside this season. One of the most spectacular is the fall monarch migration. These small creatures migrate thousands of miles from as far north as Canada and they head south to the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt mountains in Mexico.

We're tagging these monarchs to help with research on survival rates and migration routes. We're not just looking for people to recover these in Mexico though, anyone along the route south that catches a migrating monarch has a chance to catch one that has already been tagged. Recaptures from along the route are just as much if not more important so take a closer look at any monarchs you see this fall.

Look like fun? You can tag monarchs too.



Anonymous said...

I had the opportunity to observe monarch tagging for the first time recently. I admit to being mildly surprised that it's all right to handle them, attach things to their wings, etc. - they're a lot more robust than they look!