Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The winners for the Spotting Scope Giveaway are...

Posted by Kirk
Okay everyone, here are the winners. I used a random number generator to select them from a spreadsheet with all the tweets, email subscriptions and entries.

First place, the Vortex Skyline 80 spotting scope goes to @ArdeaAbe who also happened to be the first person to tweet about the contest. That was a fun coincidence. His tweet on November 16th at 10:23 am was the winner.

Second place (the birding DVDs) goes to @Blobbybirdman who's tweet on November 14th at 4:46 pm won.

Third place didn't go to a tweet at all. @dliljegren wins the binocular harness because she signed up for the email subscription. About 125 other people signed up that way as well so thanks!  

I'll be contacting everyone about how to get their prizes. I wish I had something for everyone! It was a lot of fun. Stay tuned, who knows I may do another giveaway again. 

What's next?

Thanks to everyone for following on Twitter and Email. I've been promoting my weekly podcast more lately and want to get the word out that it can now be found on iTunes.  You can subscribe directly in the iTunes application by searching the iTunes store for "Monday Phenology."

Thanks for playing!