Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bird #43 for the year: Horned Lark

Posted by Kirk
I recently received a new Canon 60D and I've been itching to try it out. I had my chance on the way home yesterday when I spotted my first Horned Lark of the year. I thought I saw one for a second on Tuesday but couldn't stop. Wednesday I had the road all to myself so I pulled over and shot these quick photos.

This first one is just the uncropped photo from my car window. I'm shooting across the road with a 135mm lens.

When cropped in you can see the Horned Lark on the roadside. He doesn't have his "horns" up.

This final photo was my best of them. I was really impressed with this camera and lens. This is a severely cropped in photo with that same 135mm lens. I'm going to be ordering an image stabilized 100-400mm lens so I can't wait to see what that can do!