Friday, March 16, 2012

Time lapse of raven stripping fur off a coyote for nesting material

Posted by Kirk

A time lapse video I generated from hundreds of images taken over several days by a motion activated trail camera. The video shows a Common Raven stripping fur off of a dead coyote so it can use the material to line a nest. Images were captured in Northern Washington County, in Minnesota. The video is especially interesting as Common Raven are generally not thought to nest this far south. Special thanks to Paul who set the camera up at the end of last week.  



Luisa said...

Yep, at first I thought the ravens were just "plucking" the coyote prior to digging in... but sure enough, they proceeded to fly off with beakfuls of warm undercoat. Cool capture!

Kirk said...

Thanks for watching Luisa.

Larry S said...

Public land or not public??
Larry S

Kirk said...

Hello Larry, this was on private land. I suspect the nest is on private land as well.

Brian said...

I know I've never seen that before, thanks for sharing Kirk. I can now confirm this Raven activity!

Unknown said...

Very cool. Thanks for putting this together!