Wednesday, July 18, 2012

From the Field: Sundew flowers are about to bloom

Posted by Kirk
I headed down to the bog this morning with my photography camp and we got about 20 minutes of photo taking before the second wave of rain came in. I found these delicate sundew flowers just about to open up.


miller.nan said...

I apologize this question is unrelated to your most recent post but one in 2011 where you listed your favorite birds. After waiting 46 years (!) to see a red-headed woodpecker, I finally saw several this summer. Now I am on a quest to once again see a Scarlet Tanager as I have not done so in many years. You mentioned you work at a nature center where you have seen these birds - please let me know where that is so I can visit and any other helpful hints you have. Many thanks; great blog.

Kirk said...

Hello! The land where I work is owned by a private foundation and unfortunately it is not open to the public on a drop in basis. While we do have scarlet tanagers on site I see them perhaps once or twice all summer. They are very elusive. You best bet is to memorize the call. It is similar to robins, rose-breasted grosbeaks and vireos. I have seen then in Murphy Hanrehan and Lebanon Hills Parks if you are near them. You need a large fairly mature stand of hardwoods and patience. Listen for the call. Also, if you are not familiar with be sure to check it out. You can generate sighting maps of every species. Here is the current year data on where people have seen Scarlet Tanagers.

miller.nan said...

Thank you! This is very helpful and I appreciate all the information. I used to see Scarlet Tanagers regularly in Wisconsin but it has been a long time! I love your blog!