Thursday, January 3, 2013

Washington County Raven

Posted by Kirk
I headed out at lunch today on a quick drive to look for some new birds for the year. Just a few minutes from work I spotted a large bird in a farm field. I could tell right away it was a Common Raven. Luckily it flew into a tree right over the road and I was able to get some photos. Ravens have been moving down into northern Washington County and based on behaviors I have seen in the past I believe they are nesting somewhere in the area. This one was seen on of Oldfield Road just off County Road 7 near Square Lake.


Brian said...

Very cool.

I look forward to you providing any info on any signs of spring you may observe. Last year I was surprised when in January you mentioned that already you saw signs of spring.

I'm looking for some positive signs to help get me through what for me are the two worst months of the year.

Chelsey said...
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Kirk said...

Signs of spring are already out there. I've seen maple trees with buds set.