Friday, January 20, 2006

Space Alive

Posted by Kirk
In my last post I tried to show that space was alive with sound. When we look up at the night sky is seems static, sure it moves but we soon learn that that is largely due to the the motion of the Earth. I present for your enjoyment then two animated clips.

In this animated gif you can watch dust devils dance across the surface of mars. It blew my mind to see images of movement on another planet. Fantastic.

Another view of changing space is this time laspsed clip of star cluster M3. This was compiled over the course of one night. You can really see how the stars change in brightness.



Matt Donahue said...

I couldn't link to the dust devils!

I think there may be an error in the link.

Speaking of sounds in space- Battlestar Gallactica is kinda neat in that respect- the movement of ships, and sounds are quite "real" at least to my novice self...

Kirk Mona said...

I fixed the link. There was an extra href tag in there. It is all set now. You may have to re-load the page to get the old version out of the cache.


Matt Donahue said...

Thanks for the fix. That is a really neat link - as you say, a nice indicator that planets are indeed not static like all of our photos show...