Thursday, May 15, 2008

103 birds!

Posted by Kirk

I went down to the bog at the end of the day and saw my first in the wild common yellow throat. I had already seen one from bird banding but I don't count that. Just before I took the above photo a gray catbird landed in front of me but I didn't get the camera on him fast enough! Speaking of fast moving hard to catch with a camera birds, here's a female western palm warbler. You can see she has a leg band. I wonder if we banded her or if someone else did?

I could hear great tailed flycatchers and did eventually catch a glimpse of one. I also photographed this least flycatcher (below) after I phished a little to draw him in.

I posed a really poor photo of a northern waterthrush last month. The new photo below is still not great but it looks like a masterpiece compared to the old one.

I got a decent photo of a myrtle warbler. They are everywhere this year!

I was really hoping to see an american redstart but that will have to wait for another day.

On Thursday I took a brake at work from some intensive computer time trying to plan 2008-2009 program schedules to hike down to the bog. I saw a Swainson's Thrush which was nice though the photos I took are not worth posting. I did get this decent shot of a black and white warbler.

At the end of the day I could hear a bird up in the trees above my car. I was hoping it might be a scarlet tanager but figured it was a robin. It was singing awfully lazy though. I saw a little tiny bird forty feet up and pointed my binoculars. Sure enough he was the one singing. It was a yellow-throated vireo. Man I need to work on bird call ID more. That put me at 103 birds for the year. It feels good to be over 100 before June!

2008 Running Bird Tally
98 Common yellow-throat
99 Gray Catbird
100 Least Flycatcher
101 Great-crested Flycatcher
102 Swainson's thrush
103 Yellow-throated vireo


Bruce said...

The American Redstart has finally returned to Eagan. With the spectular orange when they flare their tails before taking off to snatch an insect is spectacular. Redstarts seem to like to flit from brance to brance of our Ash trees in search of food.

Kirk Mona said...

Hey Bruce! You've got a great canopy vie of birds at your house!