Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dragonflies of July

Posted by Kirk
I've not been posting to the blog as much this summer as I've been super busy. This week I'm teaching a digital nature photography camp. Of course, I've had my camera with me while out with the kids and I've had some time to snap a few photos.

I only have time for names in the captions so here goes. Here's most of the dragonfly species I saw and photographed this week.

Eastern Pondhawk Erythemis simplicicollis (female)

Four-spotted Skimmer Libellula quadrimaculata

Widow Skimmer Libellula luctuosa (female)

Widow Skimmer Libellula luctuosa (male)

Twelve-spotted Skimmer Libellula pulchella (male)

Blue Dasher Pachydiplax longipennis (male)

Blue Dasher Pachydiplax longipennis (female)

Dot-tailed Whiteface Leucorrhinia intacta (male)

Common Whitetail Plathemis lydia (male)

Common Whitetail Plathemis lydia (female)

Halloween Pennant Celithemis eponina

Calico Pennant Celithemis elisa

This last one isn't a dragonfly, it is a damselfly. The main differences you can easily see in the field are a smaller slimmer body and a different wing posture when at rest. Dragonflies rest with wings outstretched while damselflies fold their wings in along their body.

Familiar Bluet Enallagma civile