Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Posted by Kirk
MSNBC has a great story up about the Plastiki.

The Plastiki is a boat made completely out of recycled and reused plastic bottles. The name is a reference to the Kon-tiki made famous by Thor Heyerdahl who sailed across the Pacific in a similar voyage in 1947. I've visited the Kon Tiki museum in Norway twice and it is quite interesting.

The Plastiki is a project of explorer David de Rothschild. It will sail from California to Australia, an 11,000 mile journey, to raise awareness of the dangers of living in a disposable society. The daughter of Thor Heyerdahl, Josian Heyerdahl, will join the vessel on part of the journey.

This reminded me of this crazy story about a guy looking to build his own island out of used plastic bottles. Sure enough. Here's the story. There's also a video about the guy when he was on Ripley's Believe it or Not.