Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Take Democratic Action for Climate Change

Posted by Kirk
Today is the first day of autumn and also the day of the United Nations’ day-long Climate Summit so why not consider taking some action to help preserve our planet?

There is currently an proposed rider amendment to an Interior Appropriation in the senate that would exempt greenhouse gases from the Clean Air Act. It was put forward by Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski. It is important to contact your senators to let them know that you oppose this amendment. The amendment would block the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gases from stationary sources such as coal-fired power plants. This is completely unacceptable as regulating greenhouse gases is the only way we are going to reduce global warming. This would be like passing a law telling the police they cannot stop crime. The Clean Air Act works and must be protected.

Here's how you can help in just a few minutes.

Get out your cell phone and call your senator's office. Don't just send an email, calling speaks louder and is actually faster. With cell phones you've already paid for your minutes so long distance calls are part of your plan already.

If you're from Minnesota, Call senator Franken at 202-224-5641 then call Klobuchar at 202-224-3244. All you have to do is say the following. "Hi, I'm one of Senator Franken's constituents and I'd like him to vote to oppose the Murkowski amendment on Interior Appropriations." They'll put a little tally in the "oppose" column on their spreadsheet and voila, you're done. Just so you know, Klobuchar's office will ask you for your zip code. It takes about 30 seconds to take part in our democracy. Franken's staff has told me that he is already planning on voting against the amendment but still call. Klobuchar's staff did not tell me what her stance was on the amendment.

If you are from outside Minnesota you can find the phone number for your senator's office here.