Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Roy G. Biv

Posted by Kirk
We don't always remember where we learn things. I know for example, that hot air rises and that a cardinal is red but I have no memory of where or when I learned these things. There is something cool I do remember learning though. When I was just a wee lad my dad taught me the secret to colors. I remember my dad teaching me about a clever fellow named Roy G. Biv. His name spells out the colors of the rainbow. I think it is pretty cool that my dad is the person who taught me the correct order of the seven visible light wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum. This was perhaps also my introduction to the power of acronyms.

This winter when my parents asked what they should give my two year old son for a gift I suggested the They Might Be Giants CD Here Comes Science.

To my delight when they gave it to him, it included the following track.

My son loves rocking out to this song in the car every morning. I'm sure my dad would approve where ever he is now. And, by "where ever he is now" I mean checking the internet after a long day of golfing, lounging and going on the waterslide.



Nate said...

I agree, that whole album is fantastic!