Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ruby throated Hummingbird Gorget

Posted by Kirk
We put a new hummingbird feeder up at work and within a day there were two male hummers fighting over it. One of them came to a rest on the wooden railing outside our volunteer lounge and I was able to take these shots. I love how the ruby red gorget only appears when the angle is just right with respect to the sun.

Incidentally, where on Earth does a word like gorget come from? It turns out that a gorget is a collar made of a leather or steel that protects one's neck. They are common on suits of armor. The word itself is from the Old or Middle French "gorge" meaning simply "throat."



eileeninmd said...

Beautiful capture of the male RB Hummer. Wonderful photos!

Kirk said...

Thanks Eileen! We just bought a whole bunch more hummingbird feeders so they won't have to share so much. Should be interesting.