Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Roadside Horned Larks

Posted by Kirk
I finally brought my camera with me on my daily commute and stopped for a minute to shoot these photos out the car window. Pretty much every day now there is a flock of horned larks on my route to work. I just love those little horns!

The photos turned out a little on the dark side. It was a gray dreary day but spring is coming. These little guys swear it is so.



Harvest Moon by Hand said...

They DO have little horns! I hope a flock makes its way to Scandia! Would love to see some here.

Kirk said...

Oh they should be by Scandia already. These were in Withrow in the farm fields across from the school. All the little birds flying off the road along County RD. 7 there are horned larks. Ive seen them elsewhere in the area as well. Look along farm fields in Scandia.