Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Phenology: April 25, 2011

Posted by Kirk
It is late in the evening so this is going to be quick and dirty.

I saw the first report of a Golden-winged Warbler by Rachel in Hastings.

Tuesday there were warnings of afternoon snow but they fizzled out. Many song sparrows about as well as pretty good numbers of myrtle (yellow-rumped) warblers. The forest seemed to be full of brown creepers. Our bird banders caught swamp sparrows but I didn't see any out in the wild.

Wednesday I woke up to a fresh two inches of snow on the ground. Winter just does not want to give up this year. Despite the snow, spring continued on, there were bluebirds on the phone wires so they didn't freeze overnight. Many species were hanging out along the roads where there was no snow so I saw lots of mourning doves and red-winged blackbirds. The same barred owl I've been seeing for weeks was again hanging out around the building at work. John reported early Veery in Carver park. Certainly the first report I have heard of them in the area.

Thursday Conney reported an explosion (figurative not a literal) of horned grebes on Harriet, Cahoun and Nokomis in Minneapolis. She put the total at the three lakes at 576.

Saturday, Diana reported a Western Grebe at lake Nokomis. Wow I wish I had seen that report sooner, I would have tried to head over to see it. The bid was refound and confirmed later in the day.

Sunday Tami in Afton reported the return of her house wrens. Roger (Minnesota Bird Nerd) saw Yellow-headed Blackbirds, first of the year Barn Swallows, Greater Yellowlegs, Lesser Yellowlegs, Wilson's Phalarope and a Sora Rail. Very cool.

This next week will bring a mix of weather with a report of possible snow. There's word we could still move into the number 3 spot for snowiest winter on record. I'm going to take this week off for phenology predictions and go download the video I shot of the prairie burn we did today. Stay tuned for that if any turned out.


Unknown said...

I enjoy and appreciate your Monday Phenology reports! We saw a Red-breasted Merganser and a Spotted Sandpiper in Northfield yesterday.

Kirk said...

Glad you are enjoying them. It takes time to collect all the sightings. I hope to have an automated submission form up on the site at some time in the near future so people can send me their sightings directly though the site easier.