Monday, December 5, 2011

Working by the fire

Posted by Kirk
The heat was out in out building this morning when I came to work. Laptop+WiFi+huge fireplace means the work goes on.


Abrahm said...

Totally jealous of your office. Beats a basement laboratory any day. Though last year I did have a flock of waxwings feasting on the berries of the evergreen bushes outside.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Nice photo!

Kirk said...

Well not exactly IN my office. I'm sad to say my cubicle does not feature a three story limestone fireplace. I've been doing some work from the great room though while things warm up. Nice on the waxwings. Always fun to see birds out the window at work. I get to see some pretty ridiculous things like barred owl, sharp-shinned hawk, sandhill crane, bald eagle, northern shrike, orange-crowned warbler, and scarlet tanager. Those are the best ones that come to mind but there are others. Life without windows is no kind of life at all.